HOPES Conference 2014: Inevitability

HOPES Conference 2014
April 1-6
University of Oregon, Lawrence Hall

Communications Team, Digital Director
AV Event Co-ordination
Speaker Liaison
Panel Discussion Moderator

iPad Air HOPES

I worked with our graphic design team to design and implement the logo and look of the Hopes conference. The logotype is related to our theme, inevitability. It demonstrates a procedural fade from imposed artificial order (blue linework) to the patterned varietation described in nature.

As we see our imposed orders acquising to change and time, how can designers work in an adaptible way, or forsee that which will occur? What futures are inevitable? What tools can we bring to our aid? We examined these issues in design with keynote speakers (Nataly Gattegno from CCA and Future Cities Lab, Germany (photographer ) (Juan Du from University of Hong Kong) Jeff Stein, Arcosanti, workshops, panels, and social events.