Topo Cut-n-Fill

While we prepare the designBridge buildingGreen site for landscape work and construction permits, we would prefer to easily judge dirt-moving volumes to choose the right location and sizing of terraces. Using site-gathered topographic datapoints, I generated a highly accurate topography volume in Rhino. With this, I can begin to make tools to aid use-conscientious design decisions if cut-fill calculations can be done and visualized easily in-process. While everyone in dB studio recognized the value of these more-exact and rapid estimates, no one else realized the latent opportunity in working between the measured and virtual, the artistic and the parametric. I used grasshopper to show volumes and values to achieve a neutral-value soil cut and addition. This tool can be improved with soil ammendment goals, and design intents. Alongside the “hillside team” and “building team”, these 3d renders will guide the generation of construction documents and permitting. Design/build is improved by rapid virtual prototyping alongside the physical.

Check out my screenshots. This tool can and will be deployed and advanced further… stay tuned.

A view on the landscape calculator

Four views on the surface calculator

Plan View

A peek at the Grasshopper Definition